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Candy Trivia


How much candy do Americans consume in one year?
--Americans consume a little more than 25 pounds of confectionery per year

What is the biggest holiday for candy sales?
--Halloween is the biggest candy holiday, chalking up almost two billion in sales

Chocolate comes from cocoa beans. Cocoa beans grow on:
--Cocoa beans come from cacao trees that grow in tropical regions of the world

The people from which country eat the most candy?
--While Americans love candy, they are no competition for the Danes. The people of Denmark consume approximately 36 pounds per person per year

What is the favorite flavor of American consumers?
--Chocolate, according to an industry survey. Berry flavors came in second.

Which food contains the most fat?
--The bagel. The pasta comes in second. Neither the jelly beans nor lollipop contain any fat or cholesterol.

How many calories are in one stick of regular chewing gum?
--There are 10 calories in the stick of gum.

Where was milk chocolate invented?
--Switzerland - a man named David Peter devised a way of adding milk to create the world's first milk chocolate back in 1876.

Which food is more likely to cause tooth decay?
--None is more likely than the other to cause tooth decay. Whether or not you get cavities depends on several things, including how frequently you eat and how long foods and sugary drinks stay in contact with your teeth. It's most important to brush and floss every day

How many candy canes will be sold in the four weeks prior to Christmas and Hanukkah?
--Nearly 2 billion candy canes will be sold, enough to circle the globe 4.5 times and still have some leftover.

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