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Lifestyle Makeover Quiz

Answer "Agree" or "Do Not Agree" to the 10 statements below.

  1. I live a healthy lifestyle and am satisfied with my weight, fitness level, appearance, general health and nutrition.

  2. I have honest and supportive relationships and am pleased with how I interact with my significant other, children, parents, friends and colleagues.

  3. I earn my income in a manner that is in alignment with my values and ethics even if it isn't yet in alignment with my life purpose.

  4. I have enough money to cover my basic expenses in addition to saving for my retirement. I manage my money well and feel in control of how I spend it.

  5. I frequently spend time doing something for the pure enjoyment of doing it - a favorite hobby, seeing friends, relaxing, etc.

  6. I regularly incorporate activities into my life that offer opportunities for personal and/or spiritual growth.

  7. I have discovered my life's purpose or personal mission and have created a lifestyle that supports my pursuit of my purpose through volunteer work or financially-rewarding work.

  8. I feel a sense of inner peace even when life circumstances present me with challenging & stressful situations.

  9. I am extremely comfortable with who I am and completely relaxed with other people.

  10. I feel excited about my life quite frequently and am in the process of making my dreams into my reality.

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