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Great Thanksgiving Websites

Here are some great websites to check out for more information, fun and games, recipes, and graphics. Because of copywrite laws and other problems, we couldn't use all of them on these pages but we were impressed with their content and encourge you to check them out if you have time!

Scholastic's Thanksgiving

Resources created for teachers and students. Includes:

  • Picture Timeline
  • Relive the Mayflower Experience
  • Experience life in Plymouth in 1621
  • Play the Thanksgiving Cyber Challenge

Penny Parker's Thanksgiving pages

Not only does she have great websets and poetry on her site, she always has great information about the holidays as well.

Thanksgiving on the Net

This was one of the first sites we looked at during our search for information. It had almost everything we needed! But there are a few things we didn't use so check it out!


Yes, I know its a kids site but they have cute graphics and fun games. I guess I am just a kid at heart. :o) Don't miss their Desktop Critters!


On the next two pages, we hacve included some Thanksgiving recipes and some Vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes from this site. There are thousands more on the site. Easy to search for exactly what you want. So check it out!

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