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My dutch TREE homepage

In March, Regina was contacted about being interviewed about trees and her website. I asked her if she would be willing to translate the article from Dutch to English and place it on our MTS topic pages. Hope everyone enjoys learning more about trees!

Trees are really important in my life. I build (and still working at it) a big "Tree homepage (see above)

Trees are my wooden friends. Always has. Always will.

Adrie has found my site and decided I was one of the people that tells about their "tree" that comes in her book. So last year I told about my wooden friends and how they give peace in my life. As a cabdriver I have everywhere "my trees"


The publisher who give me much!

copyright studio sanhaveld.

Here I am sitting my my tree I called my realationshiptree. When this photo was taken I really feel the tree. Did you know you can do that? Relax and take a deep breath. Then walk slowly towards the tree and on some point you feel the tree's aura. Everything has it. A stone, a tree, an animal....

The tree on the pic above is a fir; one that used as a chrismas tree. Do you see how much beauty this tree has? Mother Nature makes her things beautifuller than we can!

When I am with my wooden friends the problems of life doesnt bother me anymore.

 Because ot the book: Mensen Verhalen Over Bomen (People tells about Trees) Adrie the publisher and me got interviewd by a dutch newspager Telegraaf. So on Saturday March 19  a whole page was about us. I am the lady in white and Adrie is dressed in purple.

from the newspaper

Because of this I am a ambassadrice of a foundattion about Trees. I just started and must still find my way.

And things starts with Adrie coming in my life. I cant say nothing yet but she is a publisher and I am a writer... eh sort of....

I hope you see now how beautiful trees can be. We cant live without them but they can live without us. I ask of you to respect Trees and Mother Nature. Cause its our home and we have only one of that.


Regina 2005 for SoulSisters