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Looking to cool down during the hot summer months? Well the MTS team has a cool way for us to have some fun during the Birthday Event! Its a Water Balloon Fight!

How do you play? Very easily! This game is going to be played through the Soul Sisters Chat group so make sure you are subscribed and you have your messages set to individual. If you need to be subscribed, please see Lynn.

Heather will post each hit in the yahoogroup with the message (Name) has been hit with a water balloon! The message will contain a link to this page. If you are the one hit, simply come to this page and fill out the Bravenet form with who hit you and who you wish to throw a water balloon at. Heather will post the hit and let you know.


Those who participate will get prizes. Those who drop the balloon (i.e. don't throw it anyone else after being hit) will get a bogey prize!

Bravenet Mailing Form

Please fill out the form to throw a water balloon!

What is your name?

E-mail address?

What is your homepage url?

Who hit you with a water balloon?

Who would you like to hit with a water balloon?
(Please choose a name below)

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