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Be More ... Live More
Lifestyle Makeover Guide

by Kimberly Stevens

Lifestyle Guide ~ Page 3

Lifestyle Enhancement #3:

[WORK/JOB/CAREER] I earn my income in a manner that is in alignment with my values and ethics even if it isn't yet in alignment with my life purpose.

Although weíre drawn to our particular careers for various reasons, itís rarely because itís something that is a true reflection of our deepest desires and passions. And, for a certain portion of our life, thatís okay.

Most societies require that you make enough money to feed, clothe and house yourself or find another person who can provide those things for you. Our society is set up to reinforce our need to get out there and find work that will provide us with financial stability.

So, in looking for this financial stability, a large majority of us are drawn to careers that are familiar (the professions of our parents, relatives, or family friends) or those that utilize our natural strengths that have elicited positive feedback from others in the past. For example, if Janie is good at math, she may be drawn to studying accounting, finance, statistics or economics.

For part of your life itís perfectly understandable to work in a career that provides you with the financial stability you require. Some people reach the point of valuing this stability and the lifestyle theyíve created more than the possibility of pursuing something truer to their heart as their profession. Again, thatís just fine.

Not everyone needs to make their passion into their profession. The most minimal requirement of your job is that it provide you financial stability and does not require you to do or witness activities or behaviors that are out of alignment with your values, ethics, and morals.

If your current workplace does not meet these requirements, you are being drained of energy every single time you walk in the door. If this is the case, itís important that you find a way to change your job or change your experience of it.

You cannot continue to return to such a place day after day and week after week and expect that you will ever feel a basic level of satisfaction with your life.

Work takes up such a significant portion of our lives, itís critical that it is in alignment with our most basic selves. For some this may be their landing place. Others might seek out careers that are more closely connected with their passions.

In either case, itís essential that we start with a firm foundation of a workplace and career that meets our most basic needs.

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