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Be More ... Live More
Lifestyle Makeover Guide

by Kimberly Stevens

Lifestyle Guide ~ Page 10

Lifestyle Enhancement #10:

[OVERALL LIFE/FULFILLMENT] I frequently feel excited about my life and am in the process of making my dreams into my reality.

It’s quite common to get into a groove in your life where everything is “pretty good.” You’re generally happy with yourself, your relationships, your job, your home, and your day-to-day life, but you feel like there’s still something you could be doing to feel completely fulfilled.

In your mind that “something” would be a dream that was big enough and exciting enough to make you jump out of bed every day. It would make your life “great” instead of just “pretty good.”

Oftentimes, a person with a “pretty good” life is afraid to rock the boat even if they have a sense that there is something more that they should be doing with their lives. After all, there’s a lot of good stuff in their “pretty good” life, and while they might want something more, they don’t want to risk losing the good things they already have.

If you’re one of these people, I would encourage you to simply explore things that might bring you fulfillment. Those feelings of “something more” or “something missing” are messages from your soul. It’s trying to tell you something.

By this time, you may have been sensing these messages for several years – decades even. It may have started with a whisper, but over time that voice will get increasingly louder.

Your soul’s messages might come out in a variety of ways – through your dreams, your journal entries, thoughts that pop into your head, classes you enroll in, books you read, things/places/people you are attracted to, or hobbies you spend your time on.

There is no time clock dictating if and when you need to heed these messages, so why not entertain them for awhile. Use them as little signposts on your life’s path. Let them lead you to the next thing you do for work or for fun.

Tuning into these messages and following those that seem like they’d be fun is a great way to make your life feel more alive. It’s like an interactive game between your inner self who sends the messages and your outer self who gets to act them out.

Eventually, you may run across something that actually excites you so much you simply can’t imagine spending any of your free time doing anything else. And that will be your indication that it’s time to make a change in your life and/or career. Depending on your age and situation, you may change careers, return to the workforce, retire, launch a business, or start a non-profit.

True fulfillment is achieved by living as much of your life in a state of fun and excitement as is possible. If you’ve identified those things that you enjoy spending your time on and those people you enjoy spending your time with, you’ll find fulfillment as you gradually increase the amount of your life you dedicate to those things and people.

You deserve to be congratulated for creating a “pretty good” life so far. It takes a lot of work just to reach this level. Now, take it to the next level at your own pace, but remember - life can be a fun and exciting game. What one thing could you pursue just for the fun of it?

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