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Celebrating "Admit You're Happy" Month

In 1999 the Society declared August 8th as Admit You’re Happy Day (now Happiness Happens Day). Thanks to the response of not-so-secretly-happy people from around the world, the celebration was expanded to include the month of August in 2000.

There are two purposes of the month:

*Recognize and express happiness
*Don’t rain on other people’s parades

Although the purpose of the month hasn’t changed its name has to Happiness Happens Day and Month. This name change better reflects the meaning of the month—reminding people that despite global and personal chaos that happiness still happens.

In 1999, we asked the governors in all 50 states for a proclamation. Governors from 19 states sent proclamations for Admit You’re Happy Day. Find out if your governor was happy, a stick in the mud, or parade-rainer.

If you want to celebrate Happiness Happens Month & Day here are a few ideas:

*In August on the 8th (the official Happiness Happens Day) or anytime during August for Happiness Happens Month wear your SILVER shades, donate your SILVER coins—pay someone’s toll, bus or subway fare, buy a soda, or take up a donation for your favorite charity, or pass out SILVER kisses. Why SILVER? Because not-so-secretly happy people have a way of finding the SILVER lining in even the darkest clouds.

*Send an E-greeting (they refer to the former Admit You’re Happy Month) from 123 Greetings or Egreetings

*Take the Happy Challenge

*Learn your Happy IQ

*Play Happy Nick-Names
Everyone in your family, at work, in your class, or in a social club gets a happy description in front of their name ... possibilities are Chipper Cathy, Smiling Sam and or Cheerful Cindy

*Happy Memories:
Put a piece of paper on the wall with each persons name. Then have either family members or co-workers draw or write down a happy memory that they experienced with that person.

*Lead a Happiness Happens Celebration Activity at work.

*Vote for the Happiest Employee or Customer
Have a Happy Expressions Pot Luck Lunch where everyone tells about their happiest moment at the company (best story wins a prize), or host a Happy Scavenger Hunt

*Take your Happy Inventory

*Host a Happiness Happens Celebration

*Have a theme party with everyone wearing something from their favorite era (even if they didn't live in it this lifetime) or pick your favorite era; make up a happy trivia game that includes things the happiest things about your city, county or state; but most important have fun

*Read Don't Even Think of Raining on My Parade: Adventures of the Secret Society of Happy People On Sale!

*When tucking your kids in for bed at night, take turns listing the happy moments you experienced that day (Tip from Cindy Fitzhugh, MA)

*Have a Happy Expression Art Show.
Each person (friend or family member) through some form of art: drawings, painting, songs, writing, and on and on can express what makes them happy. End with having a show and tell party. (Tip from Kimla Cotropia, Ph.D)

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